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The history of the Residence San Gennaro is melted with the history of Matera; a history of thousands years, that begins with prehistoric civilizations, passes through medieval monastic communities, through peasant culture and arrives at the present days as European Capital of Culture 2019



Timeless houses

Each of the 8 Chambers, carved into the tuff, is dedicated  to a typical and unique quality of Matera. Among the ancient Sassi you will discover forgotten flavors and odors soak in the atmosphere of other times: this is the Residence San Gennaro.


The Hypogeous Caves

Only the guests of the Residence San Gennaro have the opportunity to visit the hypogeous sites under the structure. These beautiful and fascinating places dating back to the Neolithic and inhabited by monks in the Middle Age, twist and  turn beneath the Sassi and will make your stay unique.


‘ The gully had a strange shape: it was formed by two half -funnels, side by side, separated by a narrow spur and meeting at the bottom, where I could see a white church, Santa Maria de Idris, which looked half -sunk in the ground. The two funnels, I learned, were called Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. They were like a schoolboy’s idea of Dante’s Inferno(…) The narrow path wound its way down and around, passing over the roofs of the houses, if houses they could be called. They were caves, dug into the hardened clay walls of the gully, each with its own fagade, some of which were quite handsome, with eighteenth-century ornamentation. ‘

Carlo Levi