Discover Matera

European capital of culture 2019

A cultural landscape

Matera can be defined an urban ecosystem, and thanks to the tenacity of his residents, this ecosystem has survived by adapting itself to the changes with a responsible use of the primary resources like water. Its history begins with prehistoric civilizations, passes through medieval monastic communities, through the post war years peasant culture and arrives at the present days as European Capital of Culture 2019.


The bread of Matera
A strong symbol of the traditional local culture


Handicraft Art
The triumphal float and ‘Festa della Bruna’




The cave dwellings in Sassi
The ancient districts carved into the rock


The Lesser Kestrel
The bird of prey symbol of Matera




The Duomo of Matera
The Cathedral built in the highest place of the city


The Murgia rock civilization
The medieval monastic communities




Luigi Guerricchio
The figurative realism of a southern artist


The Palombaro and the rain harvesting system
An amazing Water Cathedral