Luigi Guerricchio

The figurative realism of a southern artist

Luigi Guerricchio was a local artist to whom Matera is very tied. The subjects of his paintings were familiar landscapes like “Sassi”. He has been able to capture the real essence of South: the nature, the work in the fields and the folkloric festivals. Guerricchio’s painting is pervaded by a strong figurative realism. Close to this room you can see one of his beautiful painting donated by the painter. The Sunflowers painted on ceramics set in the wall in honour of this important artist.

The painter loved walk through the small streets of his city, spend time with his artists friends, eat traditional dishes and drink the wine of Vulture hills. Guerricchio was born in Via Liceo, called today Via Ridola, he lived in an ancient house near the Ridola Museum. After the high school, despite the disapproval of his father, he abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to painting.e.

He participated in national and internationl exhibitions and he received various awards such as the award for the lithography in 1964 and the award for the woodcut in 1968.

After having leaved in Naples, Florence, Salzburg and Milan, where he attended the Academy of Brera and  having knew some artists of the postwar period, he returned to Matera driven by the desire to return to the roots.




There is a viewpoint on Sassi dedicated to Guerricchio. This balcony is one of the most beautiful place of the city to admire the ancient cave dwellings. The ‘Belvedere Guerricchio’ is situated in the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto where you can admire also the Palombaro cave.