Room Facilities

King size bed, private bathroom, hairdryer, bath seth, fridge Tv Led, indipendent heating system, small courtyard

Square meters

79 sq m

Additional services

1 single bed on request

The traditional Sassi cave dwelling

The chamber has a private and exclusive courtyard where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quite of Sassi. The Cave house style invokes the old and humbel cave dwelling of the rock civilization. To sleep in the chamber of cave-house is an unique experience. It is a suite with double room, doubleroom with single beds, linving room and private bathroom. You will relive the magic traditional atmosphere of the cave.
The suite accessed by a small courtyard, the ancient vicinato, the place where women and children spent the day while the men where at work. You can still notice the ancient canals through which passed the smoke of the old kitchen. Under your feet, hidden by the floor, there is the old tank used to collect rainwather thanks to a particular hydraulic system.

  • Private living room
  • Private bathroom
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Hairdryer and bath seth
  • Tv Led
  • Small private yard

The cave dwellings in Sassi
The ancient districts carved into the rock

These dwellings were very humble, inside there was a hearth, a small table in the center, a matress stuffed with maize leaves and a big dresser sometimes used as cradle. The cave dwelling was also the stable for the animals that warmed up the house. While the men went in the fields women and children spent their time in the ‘vicinato’ (neighbourhood). The courtyard was the heart  of the social relations between the residents… READ MORE