Chamber of Cave-House

The traditional Sassi cave dwelling The chamber has a private and exclusive courtyard where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quite of Sassi. The Cave house style invokes the old and humbel cave dwelling of the rock civilization. To sleep in the chamber of cave-house is an unique experience. It is a suite […]

Chamber of the Lesser Kestrel

The room dedicated to the ‘Falco Naumanni’  The Chamber includes: a king size bed, a single bed on request, a child’s bed on request,2 pillows, other pillows on request, private bathroom with shower. The Chamber 3 accessed by the pretty internal courtyard. In the courtyard you can enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, or […]

Chamber of Palombaro

The room dedicated to the Water Cathedral In the chamber of Palombaro, dedicated to the rain harvesting syste, a complex method for water supply, you will see the uniqueness of this system that has contributed to the proclamation of Sassi as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The essential furnitures make the chamber very cosy: double bed, […]

Chamber of Bread

The room dedicated to the “cornetto materano”  In the three large and luminous spaces that belong to the Chamber of Bread you will know one of the most charming history of the old city, the traditional rite of making bread. The frame of the window in the bedroom, in a baroque style dating from 1700, […]

Chamber of papier-mâché

The room of the handicraft The wood floor hides an old tank for the rainwather harvesting. In these tanks thanks to a particular hydraulic system the rainwather was collected, stored and purified. Tha chamber of papier-mâché thanks to the atmosphere unites history and relax. The high tuff vaults characterise the livingroom and the double bedroom. […]

Chamber of Cathedral

The room of the Duomo of Matera The chamber is accessed by a small terrace with a beautiful Sassi view. In this room you can still notice the ancient canals through which passed the smoke of the old kitchen. At the bottom of the chamber you can also see the small cave used as stable […]

Chamber of Guerricchio

The chamber of “Ginetto” The Chamber, sets in 3 large spaces (kitchen area, bedroom, bathroom), overlooks a private courtyard from which you can admire the Sassi. In this Chamber you will learn about the history and the artworks of the local artist Luigi Guerricchio. The Chamber of Guerricchio  welcomes the guests in his sober and […]

Franciscan Chamber

The monastic room The franciscan chamber accessed by a priavate small terrace from which you can admire a beautiful view of Sasso Barisano. You will notice two crosses engraved on the tufa in the external wall. These crosses are the symbol of the monastic community presence. The room has a direct acces to the relaxing […]