The hypogeous caves

The districts carved into the rock

The hypogeous sites, under the structure, dates back to the Neolithic and were inhabited by monks in the Middle Age. Thanks to a conservation restoration work we can admire natural tufa caves, tanks and  trenched fence.

The city of “rock”

Matera is called also “the city of rock”. The Sassi are formed by subterranean labyirinths tunnels and caves that twist and turn beneath the building structures. These dwellings were directly excavated into a sedimentary rock called calcarenite. This rock generically is called “tuff”, but the two rock are very  different. The underground caves of Sassi were hand-carved into the calcarenite and were inhabited since the bronze age.

A conservative restoration 

In the hypogeous sites of Residence Sassi San Gennaro you can observe a focused maintenance. The works of a careful restoration were made in strict compliance with the aesthetic and historical instances. Even cleaning  operations of the caves have been made in compliance with the integrity of the place that keeps distinguishing marks of a precise historical dimension. We have brought to light some elements of great importance as a double circles tuff tank  of the Bronze Age and a dense network of water collectors.