The Palombaro and the rain harvesting system

An amazing Water Cathedral

The room named Palombaro is dedicated to the rain harvesting system. The need to conserve water, because of the low rainfall of this region, was a key resource in the survival of the citizens. The ‘Palombaro lungo’ was the biggest tank of the ancient city, an unique place that you can still admire and will leave you breathless.

This complex method for water supply was used until the early 1900 and was based on a system of connected vessels. The collected rainwater flowed into the many channels and gutters carved into the roofs.

The water arrived in typical drop shape large cavities named bell cavities, and here the citizens went for the supply of water. Also in this room there was a tank for water supply, but unfortunately is closed for safety reasons.

One of the peculiarity of this waste water container is the location: in fact is placed under the central ‘Piazza Vittorio Veneto’. Here you are in the basement of the city, in his hidden and secret part.

The uniqueness of this rain harvesting system has contributed most to the proclamation of Sassi as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A typical water container was the ‘cùcumo’. This small flasks were the only way to take water in the fields. The cùcumi are pottery jar in which water kept cool for long hours. In this room you can admire some of this artifacts.